An android app that can be used on professional scanners or any android smartphone to scan event tickets and sends real-time data to the box office.
Ticketmaster traditionally used a proprietary scanner with Windows-based software; this set-up was expensive, difficult to support, and small venues could not afford the scanners. In addition, the box-office software was legacy and not able to easily share data with the proprietary scanners in real-time.
I was asked to assess the pain points, conduct field research, and partner with Product to fold in requested new features/requirements. I spent several months researching in the field (contextual inquiries) at various-sized concert and sport venues. I then designed the box office scan management software and an Android native app to provide more features, be affordable for all venues (no matter how small), and to facilitate real-time communication between ushers scanning patron tickets and the box office.
User task-flow analysis
Wireframes for lo-fi prototype
Main effort was to create screens for the proprietary scanner then for a proper android device. The prototype was created with Sketch/InVision then users interacted with the prototype via scanner's native browser.
My research led to a much simpler, straight-forward experience for gate ushers given the noise level, low lights, and fast-paced ticket scanning. The original design had many UI items that would crowd the screen, take up more time (steps), and cognitive processing. Also factored in an offline mode because Wi-Fi wasn’t always perfect in many smaller venues; the app would process tickets then batch send to the box office once Wi-Fi connected again. I also added in permissions which would suppress controls for ushers but add essential controls for gate usher managers (“captains”).
My visual design (dark mode as example)
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